Linda Collins, Founder


Since her earliest days in formerly communist Romania, top model, actress and philanthropist Linda Collins has held the profound belief that the smallest acts of kindness return the biggest rewards.

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Board of Advisors

MWAC Friends and Mentors

In their actions, ideals and commitments, MWAC Friends and Mentors never cease to amaze and inspire us with their compassion and big ideas. These philanthropists, activists and advocates Walk Our Talk and stand with MWAC on the issues that matter most to us.

MWAC Friends and Mentors

Nominate a Role Model

Know an outstanding Role Model committed to making the world a better place? We’d love to hear their story!

As part of our mission to mobilize a Network of Inspiration -- a global community of do-gooders who give back and lead by example -- MWAC is always on the lookout for people who sprinkle the earth with goodwill.

Maybe your best friend spends Christmas feeding the homeless, or your teacher sacrifices weekends to get troubled youth back on track. Perhaps a co-worker organizes toy drives for disadvantaged children, or builds houses for the impoverished. You get the idea. We’re looking for superstars who inspire, spread hope, and take action -- “ordinary” heroes who selflessly give back.

Please don’t be shy if you happen to fit the bill. If performing charitable acts is your second nature, let’s celebrate you, too!

Be part of the MWAC Network of Inspiration by submitting your story here. Each month we select a poignant submission that captures the essence of what it truly means to be a role model. Once your story is received, we’ll notify you by email if your nominee is chosen to be featured as our #MWACRoleModelOfTheMonth!

We sincerely hope these inspiring tales of compassion, courage, and charity encourage everyone to be the role model they were born to be. Walk Our Talk and stand with MWAC!