Lance Collins

“We’re working very hard on trying to improve the world now. I can use my power and my leverage to infiltrate the consumer products market with sustainable products.”

Models with a Cause Trustee Lance Collins is an award-winning entrepreneur and beverage industry veteran renowned for creating FUZE® Beverage and NOS® Energy Drink (sold to the Coca-Cola Company in 2007). His latest, cutting-edge products, BODYARMOR® SuperDrinks (TM) and Core Hydration (sold to Keurig Dr. Pepper in 2018) are innovations in the health and wellness marketplace. BODYARMOR – all-natural, gluten-free and vegan — targets protection, recovery, vitamins, and hyper-hydration. Nutrient-enhanced Core Water is free of fluoride, chlorine and chemicals, while Core Organics, with just five calories and one gram of sugar per serving, is vegan, non-GMO and gluten-free.

Lance’s commitment to the health and wellness space meets the demands of consumers looking for healthier choices on the shelves, and supports one of the beverage mogul’s most impassioned causes: safeguarding the environment through sustainable manufacturing. The BPA-free bottles used to package Lance’s products are recycled courtesy of CarbonLITE, the largest producer of food-grade, post-consumer recycled PET in the world. Lance is an investor in the company, which ships bottles originally destined for landfills all over the world to his manufacturing plant, where they are sustainably transformed into brand new beverage packaging.

Lance is drawn to supporting several of the philanthropic endeavors endorsed by his wife, MWAC President and Founder, Linda Collins. Lance was instrumental in raising funds to help the Light School Uriri in Kenya purchase a school bus, helping protect students from any number of dangers they might otherwise face walking to school. He is also a proud supporter of the Brent Shapiro foundation, which works to prevent alcoholism and drug addiction in children and teens. Together, Lance and Linda are eager to affect change for the better in any way they can. “Our family comes first,” Lance proudly declares, “and now we’re on to the next chapter of trying to help the world. That’s our big goal.”