Models with a Cause is a movement championed by impassioned individuals who strive to inspire by example when it comes to giving back.

PFC-RSRT Here comes the sun Role Models are people we look up to. They are people whose actions, attitude and accomplishments inspire us to be the best we can be, often by trying to be more like them. From larger-than-life Role Models, like our sports heroes and favorite movie stars, to our parents, siblings and teachers whom we personally know and love, everyone has someone that they aspire to emulate.

Sure, these remarkable people make excellent mentors. But have you ever stopped to think that you would make an outstanding Role Model too?

At Models with a Cause (MWAC), we believe that the potential to perform selfless, exemplary acts resides within every human being.

Galvanized by this belief, Models with a Cause calls on us to support urgent social and humanitarian causes in order to assist and empower individuals and families in crisis, and to work toward finding solutions to abate some of the world’s most pressing emergencies. Models with a Cause achieves this by connecting charitable causes with donors, volunteers, and advocates who are motivated to raise awareness and provide resources, help and healing for those in need.

We’ll give you one good guess at who our donors, volunteers and advocates are. That’s right. We’re talking to you.

If you’ve ever dreamed of making a difference, of being a force for good in the world, joining MWAC’s Network of Inspiration is your golden ticket. Founded by top model, actress and lifelong humanitarian Linda Taylor, Models with a Cause was established after years of Linda working with multiple nonprofits in the hopes of bringing a little more peace, love, prosperity, and inspiration into the world. Along the way, her commitment has drawn countless Role Models to Walk Our Talk of putting a glimmer of hope into charitable action. As Linda puts it, “One good thing leads to another.” Here at Models with a Cause, nothing rings more true.

Be the Role Model that you are. With a cause. For a cause. Give back.