Our Vision

Models with a Cause (MWAC) aspires to foster a community of selfless and inspiring individuals who stand united in helping those across the globe afflicted by disaster and crisis, and in finding and providing ways to eradicate the disease, injustice, abuse, poverty, and ignorance that underlie human suffering.


Our Mission

MWAC exists to promote and alleviate urgent social, health, environmental, cultural, and human rights issues by connecting donors, volunteers and advocates with partners and organizations who can mobilize resources that give help and hope to those in need.


Our Values

MWAC believes that Role Models lead by example. We are guided to Walk Our Talk by a set of altruistic values.

  • Compassion: We respond to those in crisis with compassion, humility and empathy that does not hesitate, discriminate or pass judgment. We are touched by authentic stories of courage, perseverance, integrity, generosity, overcoming, and hope.
  • Inspiration: We believe that the inspiration to perform humane and charitable acts with the potential to improve life for individuals and families around the world resides within all of us. We stand as proof that this inspiration is life-sustaining and infectious.
  • Commitment: We are committed to taking action and supporting causes that aim to improve human life through the banishment of suffering. We take the idea of being role models seriously, and in this we are held accountable to ourselves and to each other, and to those who follow our example and depend on our advocacy and assistance.
  • Advocacy: We advocate on behalf of those who are most in need of our assistance, particularly those whose situation or condition prevents them from seeking aid, food, shelter, medicine, knowledge, or justice for themselves. We promote awareness of the causes that matter most to us, including human rights, children’s rights, animal welfare, disaster and humanitarian relief, education, the environment, health and food safety, the mitigation of poverty, the preservation of the arts, and pressing issues related to science and technology.
  • Collaboration: We believe that teamwork paves the way for true progress and change. We facilitate collaborations between those within our existing community of role models, and we constantly seek out new opportunities to forge partnerships with volunteers, causes, and organizations that share our commitment to humanity, service, and hope.