Are you or is someone you know a Role Model? We’d love to hear your story!

Models with a Cause (MWAC) is on the lookout for people who sprinkle the earth with goodwill. Our roster of do-gooders is always expanding in the hopes that one day, we’ll achieve our dream of fostering a global community of Role Models devoted to giving back and inspiring by example.

Maybe your best friend spends every Christmas feeding the homeless. Or your teacher sacrifices her weekends volunteering to get wayward youth back on track. Perhaps a co-worker took up a collection to help a child fighting for life in a cancer ward. Or maybe someone you know gave up their entire summer to build housing for the impoverished.

The idea is that we’re looking for people who INSPIRE, who give HOPE, who take ACTION, and who GIVE BACK. And if you happen to fit the bill, don’t be shy. You’re welcome to toot your own horn too!

Get started by submitting your story. Once it has been received, we’ll notify you by email, and you’ll become a member of our MWAC Network of Inspiration. Your story might just be featured on our website, and you’ll be short-listed to become a MWAC Role Model of the Month!

We believe that a Role Model is born every second, and there’s no reason that Role Model can’t be you.

Walk Our Talk and stand with MWAC!